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There's a reason why there are so many soap operas in Turkish, after all — Turks address their loved ones with poetic and passionate epithets like "my breath," "my eyes" and "my life.". But on the flip side, they also hurl Turkish insults at each other, because let's be real — drama is universal. There are lots of innocuous.

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How do you say joke in Turkish? fıkra. Hear how a local says it. Hear how a local says it. Learn what people actually say (No machine translations here!) Start learning for free. Download on the App Store. 4.8. 177k ratings. Get it on Google Play. 4.6. 1.47M reviews. Related words and phrases: to ride a bike. bisiklet sürmek (musical) instrument.

'It’s all like a joke' Turkish man who searched for himself Daily Sabah Click here to start learning Turkish with the best free online resources ↓ Check How Below ↓Step 1: Go to 2.

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Lodorf. • 4 yr. ago. "Adamın biri yatmış" seems like it'd translate to "A man lied down" when you look at it, but the second part which Is "karısı tekne" makes it translate to "A man was yacht, and his wife was boat". "Ben kamyon sürüyordum" is "I was driving a truck", "Leonardo da vinci" Translates to "and Leonardo was driving the crane".

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Turkish joke with translation: 1. Henry 2604 posts 16 Jun 2009 Tue 09:31 am: Firstly, a warning that if you´re easily offended by slightly rude jokes, then read no further. (This joke was copied and modified from another web-site) I have done some colouring to hopefully assist learning.

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Funny Turkish Phrases You Need To Know. 1. Şeytan tüyü. Meaning: The devil's feather. This phrase is used to describe someone who is charming and can become close with everyone. 2. Nazar Değmesin. Meaning: May you not be touched by the evil eye.

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A german, a french and a turkish man on a plane. The plane is about to crash unless the passengers drop some weight. The pilot tells the three guys to drop something which they have enough of in their country. The french man throws a baguette out of the window. The turkish man throws a kebap out of the window.

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Your kids will appreciate these animal jokes. By Olivia Harvey. Published on 9/15/2022 at 2:37 PM. A turkey looks like the type of bird who would have a great sense of humor. If your kids are crazy about turkeys, or just love a good pun, then they'll appreciate these goofy turkey jokes. Your family will be pretty impressed by these quips that.

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Best Short Turkish Jokes. Short turkish jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The turkish humour may include short turkey jokes also. Have a turkish joke A prisoner goes to the jail's library to borrow a book. The librarian says: "We don't have this book, but we have its author"

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English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. joke komiklik practical joke eşek şakası joke şaka a threadbare joke. Meanings of "joke" in Turkish English Dictionary : 33 result(s) Category English Turkish; Common Usage: 1: Common Usage: joke n. komiklik: 2: Common Usage: joke n.

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here are three jokes..try and work them out yourself first..theyre not hard two mild one slightly x rated iki sevgili bir ağacın gölgesinde otururlar. Delikanlının tatlı sözleri arasında bir ara kız sevgilisinin kulağına fısıldar ''sevgilim sana apandist ameliyatı olduğüm yeri göstereyim. delikanlının gözleri parlar ''göster canım göster Kız eliyle uzak bir yeri.

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Translation of "joke" into Turkish. şaka, şaka yapmak, fıkra are the top translations of "joke" into Turkish. Sample translated sentence: What you said to her isn't accepted as a joke. ↔ Ona söylediğin şey bir şaka olarak kabul edilmez. joke verb noun grammar. An amusing story.


Turkish slang words such as kanka, inek, kazıklamak, kafa ütülemek, keriz, tuzlu, cebi delik, akşamdan kalmak, valla, hadi oradan, ayvayı yemek.. "Matrak" is a Turkish slang word meaning fun, funny and pleasant. Yeni iş arkadaşın nasıl biri? (How is your new colleague?) Çok matrak bir kadın. Çok iyi anlaşacağa benziyoruz.

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Backstory: my buddy's brother is in the military in Turkey and I was asking how he was when their dad dropped this one on me. Me: "How's your brother doing in Turkey?" Friend: "Good but the language barrier kills him, I think they speak Farsi." A list of 29 Turkish puns!

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JOKE translate: şaka, espri, fıkra, şaka yapmak, fıkra anlatmak, ciddi olmamak, şaka, komik olay, gülünç bir şey…. Learn more in the Cambridge English.