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For this design I used the Hama bead small flower template.It's expensive to buy individually but is available as part of this lovely set of boards - Flower, Pony and Princess pegboard set (affiliate link).I chose to make my Hama bead flowers using just the top flower part of the design but there would be plenty of space on the tin can to add in a design including the leaves.

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The flower Hama bead pegboard is available in both a large and a small size. I recently received the smaller Hama bead flower board and we've been using it for lots of crafting lately. My first craft was this Hama bead flower wreath, a really simple yet pretty wreath that looks great as a summer decoration.

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HAMA Beads is the original leading supplier of beads celebrating 50 years and now available in the United States with!!!! Inspiring millions of children to create and play all over the world with the beads that started it all! Welcome to the colorful world of beads.

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Welcome to Olga Crafts a channel with videos of ideas on how to make easy and simple crafts and life hacksHere are some pretty amazing hacks for the whole fa.

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The sticks are attached to the bottom with glue to hold them firmly in place, then the Hama bead flowers are glued to the tops of the sticks. I've found that as long as you leave the glue to dry thoroughly, the Hama bead decorations stick down firmly. When it was all dry I made some flowerpots for the decoration using some brown corrugated card.

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Hey, this is Christi. I am showing you how to make a flower as a fantastic Hama Bead Design. Hope you enjoy this video and stay crazily creative! AboutPressCopyrightContact.

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Hama bead flower wreath. This simple wreath is made using the mini flower Hama bead pegboard and a selection of Hama beads. The flowers are made using the board and then joined together to make a pretty wreath. Use the Bostik Fine and Wide Glu Stick to glue six lollipop sticks together in a circle, and leave to dry thoroughly.

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Welcome to our colourful world of beads. Stimulate your creativity - with beads, patterns and pegboards. Not only does bead play train motor and logical skills, it allows you to let your creativity soar. Our products are a creative challenge for children as young as three years of age, one that many children continue to enjoy for years; a.

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A short tutorial using the Hama bead flower template to make a cheerful wreath using Bostik products. This video was commissioned by Bostik.Where to find me:.

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Iron your design: Using a circular motion, gently press the hot iron on top of the ironing paper, ensuring even heat distribution. Keep the iron moving for a couple of minutes or until the beads begin to fuse together. To avoid fold lines, try not to let the iron sit in one place for a long time. Let the design cool: Remove the iron and let.

Jennifer's Little World blog Parenting, craft and travel A Hama bead flower bouquet craft

DIY Flower Garden Made From Hama Beads August 2, 2015 When we go on walks through the woods we quite frequently make it into a game for Cherry and ask her to see how many different types of flowers she can spot. I let her use my phone to take a photo of them then when we get home we find the names for them on the internet.

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Now use Hama-beads to make flower. You can see the design I use on the picture. Then heat up your iron and put a piece of baking paper on top of your figure. Then carefully heat it up, so the beads melt together. Don't use to much heat and no steam iron! When all the beads have melted together you can take the beads of the plate and turn them.

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