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P&O Iona Cabins To Avoid (With Photos & Videos)

P&O Iona Cabins - Choosing a cabin can be tricky, hopefully seeing the options in this post will help decide the right one for you. If you're planning a cruise on the P&O Iona and looking for a standard balcony cabin with some extra space, you won't want to miss this video tour of cabin 10509!

P&O Iona cabins to avoid (maybe)

#1 Posted November 1, 2021 Hi Looking at booking a seaview cabin on Iona which I can see are on Decks 4 & 5. Anyone got any opinion of these and whether deck 4 or 5 is better? On outside photos.

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The Bathroom in P&O Iona Accessible Balcony Cabin 12415 The bathroom is open plan, with a shower, toilet and wash basin and a push button panel is used to open the door. The shower has a fold down bench that is really large, and the toilet has handrails on all sides, with one that can be moved up and down.

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The cabins on P&O Iona are surprisingly luxurious. Even as an inside cabin, room 4515 exuded the vibe of a luxury hotel, albeit somewhat snug in size. Take a look at the feature image of our room above

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0:00 / 1:17 Cabins to avoid on the Iona (P&O) Cruise ship at the aft!! Gabriel's Cruise Channel 86 subscribers 27K views 1 year ago Water from the infinity pool at Deck 16 rains onto.

Guide to P&O Iona Cabins Knowing Which Ones to Avoid

P&O Iona Cabins - Frequently Asked Questions — Cruise Lowdown Find answers to your FAQs about accommodation onboard P&O Cruises new flagship, Iona. How many cabins are onboard P&O Iona? What are the different types, grades and categories of cabin? How big are Iona's balconies? Do any of Iona's cabins have a bath? What's included in a suite on Iona?

P&O Iona Cabins Frequently Asked Questions — Cruise Lowdown

What are some P&O Iona cabins to avoid? While personal preferences play a significant role, some cabins on the P&O Iona might offer less desirable features. For instance, cabins on Deck 5 have balconies that are compact and shaded due to their location within the ship's hull.

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PO Iona cruise ship cabins are 4 main types (suite, balcony, sea view/oceanview/outside, interior, single), divided into 12 categories and 32 grades. The liner has a total of 2614 passenger staterooms and max capacity 6264 (5204 lower berths). Staterooms include 121 Suites, 1496 Balcony, 174 Oceanviews/Seaviews, 819 Interior cabins.

P&O Iona cabins to avoid (maybe)

There are 55 accessible/partially accessible cabins on P&O Iona. Here is a list of accessible cabins on P&O Cruises flagship Iona. The list includes fully accessible cabins and partially accessible cabins. The list shows the cabin number, the cabin grade and the type of cabin (i.e. Inside, Outside, Balcony etc.) All of P&O accessible (adapted.

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Iona Cabin Check HOME > PO UK > Iona > Cabin Check Tool Use this tool to see what is on the deck above and the deck below your stateroom, cabin or suite on Iona. You can even save results as a PDF. You can also use the ship menu above to jump to another page for Iona. Use this tool to see what is above and below your cabin (stateroom). 01 DECK

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Our four berth cabin on deck 9. The hatch above the sofa bed contains a fold-down bunk bed. It certainly wasn't large by any means - and we wouldn't really want to spend a great deal of time in there - but as a space for sleeping and getting ready in the mornings and evenings, it was perfectly fine. I'm pretty large - 6ft 2in, and.

P&O Iona Cabins Frequently Asked Questions — Cruise Lowdown

Posts tagged iona cabins to avoid P&O Iona Cabins and Suites 2023. As new ship P&O Iona begins her inaugural season I take a look at the choice of cabins and suites onboard. Read More. Iona, New ship, P&O Cruises Kathy Taylor June 5, 2021 p&o.

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The accessible sea view cabins on Iona are 307 square feet, providing ample space for a wheelchair. Sea view cabins have a window that's handy to check the weather before getting dressed in the morning.

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P&O Iona cabins to avoid (maybe) Last Updated March 10, 2023 by emmaonline Thinking of booking a cruise on P&O's Iona but not sure what cabin to choose. I know what you mean! The choice can be a little overwhelming.

Guide to P&O Iona Cabins Knowing Which Ones to Avoid

P&O Iona offers various cabin options including inside cabins, sea view cabins, balcony cabins, conservatory mini-suites, and suites. Cabin grades on Iona are based on type and location, and sizes range from 101 to 530 sq. ft.

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When cruising, you want to make sure you pick a cabin that suits your needs! Some prefer an Inside cabin, while others prefer a suite, Iona definitely has some interesting choices of cabins onboard. Choosing the right cabin for your cruise is always an important decision. There are some cabins on Iona that you will want to avoid. Firstly Hello, Hope you are well, My name is Danny Dalimore and.